Banpa Bylaws

Posted about 1 month ago by Kelly Stauter

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Hello Banpa Members,

Please find attached the Banpa Bylaws and note changes highlighted for review and approval.

Voting will be conducted electronically using protest/no protest vote (Article VIII, Section 3).

Content highlighted in yellow have been modified or added to the Banpa Bylaws.

Content highlighted in green will be removed from the Banpa Bylaws.  This content is composed of statements indicating non-members may attend meetings.  However, Banpa meetings are for members only.

Upon ratification by the membership, these Bylaws will retire the existing Bylaws dated January 9, 2020.  Bylaws are displayed on the Banpa webpage.

You will only need to email me by Monday August 30 if you protest changes in the Bylaws.  

No response is needed for no protest votes (i.e., you support the changes to the Bylaws).

Thank you,