Nurse Practitioners' feedback on Mobile's COVID-19 Response

Posted over 1 year ago by Rebecca Graves

Hi BANPA members and followers,

You have been selected to participate in a survey on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis. The survey is being sponsored by the City of Mobile and the USA Polling Group at the University of South Alabama. The survey is being conducted by the USA Polling Group. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate the City of Mobile’s performance during the crisis, get feedback in order to improve future response efforts, and evaluate attitudes about social distancing and other safety-oriented policies. The survey is completely confidential and no identifying information will be linked to responses. You may skip any question(s) you would prefer not to answer.

Your answers are very important and could help to shape future Coronavirus/COVID-19 response efforts. We hope that you will take the time to complete the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, you may contact Dr. Thomas Shaw, Director USA Polling Group at

If you have already received an invitation to participate in the survey, please ignore this invitation and only respond once.

You can find the survey at the following link

 Thank You