Bay Area Nurse Practitioner Association

Call for Nominations: FPA Committee Regional Representative

Posted 3 months ago by Jennifer Miller

Hi Colleagues, 

As discussed at our virtual BANPA business meeting last night, we are in need of nominating someone to serve on the Full Practice Authority committee as our regional representative. The FPA Committee will consist of representation from NPAA and the regional NP groups, ASNA, and the BON. The purpose of the committee is to work on FPA authority issues for our state for future legislation.  The first meeting will be held at the end of May, therefore this is a pressing issue. 

Nominees should be experienced, with a vested interest in FPA. Nominees should also be in full-time clinical practice, preferably in the community or rural areas as these are the providers that will be impacted the most.  

Please send nominations to me at You may nominate yourself or another NP in our region.  Please send the name and a short paragraph describing the following for either yourself or your nominee: 

1.  Years and type of experience

2.  Current practice setting

3.  Current thoughts on FPA

4.  Reason for seeking committee membership

The deadline for nominations is Monday April 13th at 5pm. I will then send out a poll with each nominee and their information to membership for a vote the following day.  

Thank you all for your willingness to serve!

Jennifer Miller