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11/13 Dinner Meeting and New No-Show Policy for 2019

Posted about 1 month ago by Chris Lovell

Remember to bring to your nursing license to tomorrow’s meeting so that you may get credit for the CEU.

As always, please cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. It is very easy to cancel through this website.  As per our vote at last month’s business meeting, those who no-show (I.e. register for a dinner meeting or CEU event but do not show up to said event without canceling the registration) two times in a calendar year will not be allowed to register for any more events that year.  A roll will be taken after each event by use of the BANPA sign in sheet, so it is in your interest that you ensure you sign it each time.  This new policy will take effect starting with the January meeting of 2019.  Extenuating circumstances can be taken into account.

I have been taking roll by this method for the last 5 months and there were 2 people who would have been excluded from tomorrow’s meeting if we were currently going by this policy.  As a member of a professional organization, it is your responsibility to ensure that you communicate your inability to attend a meeting by canceling your registration in advance.  Currently there are 20 people on the wait list for tomorrow who would love the opportunity to attend.  Thank you.