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FYI re: Pediatric Nutrition Conference email

Posted over 2 years ago by Rebecca Graves

Conference Series LLC is delighted to invite your association members to attend the International Conference on Pediatric Nutrition and Child Care which is to be held at New Orleans, USA on August 01-02, 2016. Pediatric Nutrition 2016 focuses around the theme "Innovative strategies promoting optimal nutritional health in pediatrics".
Scientific Sessions
• Pediatric Nutrition
• Breast Feeding Importance
• Pediatric Nutrition in Chronic Diseases
• Food Allergies in Pediatrics
• Pediatric Malnutrition Effects
• Pediatric Obesity Consequences
• Pediatric Malnutrition Causes
• Pediatric Eating Disorders
• Pediatric Diet
• Diagnosis Techniques for Pediatric malnutrition
• Pediatric Obesity Prevention
• Pediatric Nutrition Meetings
• Entrepreneurs Investment Meet