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NP Student Loan Repayment information

Posted almost 3 years ago by Rebecca Graves

Copied from NPAA. I apologize if this is repeat information for you, but I felt it was good enough to hear twice! :-)

SB 227 was introduced today in the Alabama Senate. Designed to increase access to healthcare providers in rural, underserved areas, this bill is one example of how NPAA has worked with other stakeholders across Alabama to address the critical lack of care in our rural areas. Attracting healthcare providers into these areas begins with efforts to increase education. Sponsored by Senator Greg Reed, the bill will create a loan repayment program for students studying to become Advanced Practice Nurses, which will be administrated by the Alabama Board of Nursing and authorized by monies from the Education Trust Fund. Participants in the program would also receive state income tax credits. The proposed education budget includes and extra $1.2 million designated for funding of the program in FY 2017. Full text of the bill can be found at:

A companion bill in the House is expected to be introduced quickly; please watch for further information on this bill.

Contact your state Senators to ask for their support of SB 227 today! Your voice makes a difference--a phone call, letter, or email lets your legislator know that you are aware of the issue and need their support.

Don't know who your State Senator is? Use this link to find out (click 'District Map'):